Dr Amrita Banerjee qualified as a dental surgeon from Mumbai, India, and worked in both public and private healthcare institutions, including Hinduja Hospital, where her clinical work encompassed all aspects of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery. From the early stages of her training, she was struck by the broader implications of oral health on the population. Her particular interest has always been in promoting and improving the dental health of children and prevention of dental caries in India and globally. Throughout her education and professional career, she has been involved in the running of numerous camps in rural India to educate children and their parents about good oral hygiene and maintenance of healthy dentition.

In 2010, she moved to the UK, and has completed her registration exams and will be working as a dental surgeon in the West Midlands. Her interest in increasing dental health awareness in children in the UK, India and globally, eventually led her to work with the Global Child Dental Fund.

Created projects

map of India showing Maharashtra region

Oral Health Foundation

The project was conducted in primary and secondary schools in the rural parts of the state of Maharashtra to promote and improve oral health awareness amongst children and their