Tobacco Free India Campaign TFIC)

Tobacco Free India Campaign-1

Tobacco Free India Campaign TFIC)

Location: Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Odisha (Orissa), Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal
Target Group: Special care
Status: Ongoing
Project details: 

Tobacco Free India Campaign (TFIC) was organized by Narain Sewa Sansthan with the support of IDA.  Two doctors travelled by car around 13 states for more than 9000kms in 32 days without a back-up vehicle to spread the message “Choose Health - Not Tobacco”; from January 24 2012 at Aluva, Kerala to February 24 2012 at IDA (H.O) Mumbai. The campaign aimed to educate the youth regarding the ill effects of Tobacco on various organs of the body. IDA branches of 13 states extended their support to Dr. Sinha for the success of campaign and towards the youth in public Interest. There were three projects within this "Mega Project":

  • Project 1: Tobacco Control Program
  • Project 2: Oral & Dental Check Up & awareness Program
  • Project 3: Tobacco Intervention Initiative Training Program for Dental Surgeons
Target group: 

Project 1: Age 12- 30 years; Project 2: Age 5-18 years: Project 3: Dental Surgeons (Practitioners & Academicians).

Financial details: 

Most of the program was sponsored by members of the Sansthan.  Part financial support was given by IDA, RV Kannada & English School, Bishop Cotton School and Aanchal Charitable Trust.

Project status: 

Project 1: Created awareness amongst students and people through education, motivation, counseling, interactive session. Mass Campaign by conducting Quiz Competition, Painting competition, Rallies, walkathon, human chain at various levels.

Project 2: Project Status- Every Month Conducting Camp in School at different Locations
 Educating students about - 1) Role of Diet in Oral Health, 2) Brushing Technique Method, 3) Oral Hygiene Maintenance through PowerPoint & Movies.

Project 3: Has trained more than 125 Dental Surgeons to date.

For more details of these projects please download the Narain Sewa Sansthan Annual Report 2012 above.