Spreading Smiles

Spreading Smiles

Location: Madhya Pradesh
Target Group: Children
Status: Ongoing
Project details: 

A series of dental check up camps, for kids studying in various schools, in and around Jabalpur district (Madhya Pradesh). To gather epidemiologic statistics about the spread of dental diseases in different age groups, socioeconomic strata and literacy level.

Dental diseases in children vary considerably from dental diseases in elders. Also different socioeconomic strata show different types of dental diseases. Children belonging to poor section of society genrally show diseases of negligence whereas those of higher section shows diseases associated with high carb diets and so on. Also various age groups among kids show different types of disease. The project aims to collect data about the prevailing dental disease and deformities in these different strata of society and also to create awareness about theĀ  importance of dental health in complete well being of an individual.

Target group: 

The target group is school going children from class Nursery to XII, Age Group 2.5 years to 18 Years.

Financial details: 

Currently the project is being funded privately by Dr. Mayank Jain himself. But to accomplish the goals help from others like minded organizations/ individuals is anticipated.

  1. For preparation of dental awareness material in local language: pamphlets, posters, videos and case history records etc. Approximately: 2500 INR per camp.
  2. Remuneration for Healthcare workers Approx.: 2500 INR per camp
  3. Refreshments for Doctors & Healthcare workers Approx.: 1000 INR per camp

Total Approximate Cost of the Project: 6000 INR per camp

Project status: 

The project duration is 1 Year. In all we plan to cover 50 schools in and around Jabalpur district varying from municipal to government to private schools and also the boarding schools. Thus, covering different socioeconomic strata of our society.

Project is already started in limited capacity. We have already done 3 camps in schools and 4 camps at other different places.