Measurement of psychological dependence of tobacco users among rural population of India

Mr. Dhanpal Singh

Measurement of psychological dependence of tobacco users among rural population of India

Location: Maharashtra
Target Group: Women, Seniors
Status: Completed
Project overview: 
Project details: 

The project was a successfull collaborative effort of a students team,which visited to the periferal part of maharashtra. Main aim of the project was to evaluate which age group of the rural population was strongly affected  & To evaluate which type of habit (either smoking or chewing) was more associated with psychological dependence.

Almost 35 million tobacco users attempt to quit every year, but only about 6% are successful for more than a month. This is because attempts are not directed to change the psychology of tobacco users. Many quitting programmes need to measure how much an individual is psychologically dependant on tobacco. Keeping in mind the above reasons and need, our study was directed to measure the psychological dependence, which is the root cause of high tobacco consumption, among rural population.

Subject who participated in the project were given a complimetry gift and were also guided how to maintain oral hygine.


Target group: 

Subjects with psychological sound mind and if willing to participate in this Project after explanation about Project were included. A written consent was taken from each subject. Subjects with the habit of tobacco consumption in either form, smocking/smokeless irrespective of literacy were included.
• These subjects were divided into following groups based on the age and the type of habit as:

GROUP I – 100 subjects with tobacco smoking habit (male/female).
GROUP II –100 subjects with use of smokeless tobacco (male/Female).
Both groups were further subdivided into following subgroups:

Group A – with age ranging between 20-30yrs
Group B – with age ranging between 31-40yrs
Group C – with age ranging between 41-50yrs
Group D – with age including 51 years and above

Financial details: 

Sum of 10,000 INR was received from Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi.

Project status: 

Project was completed within the duration of 6 months and a report was prepared and sent to the Indian Council Of Medical Research, New Delhi.