Knowledge Attitude and Practices Among the Dental Professionals in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India

Knowledge Attitude and Practices Among the Dental Professionals in the State of Himachal Pradesh, India

Location: Himachal Pradesh
Target Group: Special care, Under-served
Status: Future
Project overview: 
Project details: 

Patient safety reporting and learning systems are emerging as a major area of interest, although commonly discussed and emphasized among the dental professionals in India, is often neglected when it comes to implement patient safety measures in real life clinical situations. The main cause of neglecting patient safety by the dentists is the lack of proper training and guidance. The negligence is more common among dentists working in far flung areas in developing nations due to lack of resources and deficiency on the part of governments in imparting the latest knowledge/training to their dental professionals. The aim of this project is to assess existing knowledge  and attitude of dental professionals  about patient safety  .By doing so we want to collect baseline data regarding this important aspect.  The ultimate aim is  to plan a definitive programme to deal with patient safety issues related to dentistry in Himachal Pradesh.

Target group: 

Dental professionals in Himachal Pradesh, India.

Financial details: 

The investigators are Dr Poonam, Department of Public Health Dentistry, HPGDC, Shimla, H.P.; Dr Ajay Mahajan, Department of Periodontology, HPGDC, Shimla, H.P.  The financial requirements are for:

  1. Transportation of Doctors & Healthcare workers to the various locations    Approximately: 20000 INR
  2. Remuneration for Healthcare workers Approx.: 10000 INR
  3.  Documentation of findings from questionnaire, statistical calculation fee, typing printing fee etc  Approximately:5000- 10000 INR
  4. Refreshments for Doctors & Healthcare workers Approx.: 10000 INR

Total Approximate Cost of the Project= 40000-50000 INR (£450-£560).  The total duration of the project will be for 6 months.

Project status: 

Presently in the planning stage being planned by Department of public health Dentistry, and Department of Periodontology, H.P.Govt. Dental College and Hospital Shimla,Himachal Pradesh India.