Improving the Access to Oral Health for Children Living with HIV in Bangalore

Improving the Access to Oral Health for Children Living with HIV in Bangalore

Location: Karnataka
Target Group: Children
Status: Ongoing
Project overview: 
Project details: 

Snehdhan is running a support model for the CLHIV. There are 125 children picked up from both the community and at the tertiary care center who are given education, health care and psychological counselling. The oral health care was not included and the we took the oppurtunity to provide the oral health care for these children. The project is implemented in Snehadhan, a tertiary care center for PLHIV in Bangalore with the help of Trinity Care Foudation and M R Ambedkar Dental College.

The project was started in the year 2011. For this purpose we assessed the oral health status and oral health related quality of life of these children and provision of oral health services was made available in the MDU. Since then the center is visited every year and these children were given treatment for dental caries and gum disease and also free toothpaste & toothbrush is provided. For specialist services the children were refered to the Dental College.


Target group: 

At present the project is started only in Bangalore, Snehadhan center. To continue we need to identify other centrs in Karnataka, and also need to identify the children in the community with HIV.and the same model is targeted at the CLHIV throughout Karnataka.

Financial details: 

As the programmes involves SNEHDAN, Trinity Care Foundation and M R Ambedkar Dental College, Bangalore.

The Budget Responsibilities were shared and regarding the provision of the treatment the financial support was from Dental College and District aids control unit.


Project status: 

Till now we have provided oral prophylaxis for all 125 children, restorations for 28 children, referal cases - 8. This year programme is due on 21.01.13.