Aushadham Charity Trust and Vikare Dental Clinic

Vikare Dental Clinic 1

Aushadham Charity Trust and Vikare Dental Clinic

Location: Pondicherry
Target Group: Children
Status: Ongoing
Project overview: 
Project details: 

The project envisages dental care for the young rural poor. It has been found that farming activities leave the rural adults with little time for any other interaction or care for their children unless and until it is an emergency. That makes dental health one of the last in their priorities. In our numerous dental camps this neglect of dental health in childhood is reflected in the adult population. Even  in  the young adult female population where awareness of aesthetics is high, thanks to the media's reach in villages, we find loss of most of the molars and premolars it is only when the upper anteriors are affected that the search for a  dental surgeon begins. Loss of man hours and the expenses involved in dental treatment  then impacts their economy in many many ways which will be more in the realm of a good economic survey.

Please download the full report for a broader picture of the ground realities.

Target group: 

School children especially in the villages, and also the rural poor in and around pondicherry,tindivanam,villupuram areas. Aushadham trust was set up to cater exclusively for two villages (omanthur and tenkodipakkam) which we have adopted.

The trust is basically an extension of the dental clinic. Both are in the same place. The address is as follows: Vikare Dental Clinic, 42 Lawspet Main Road, Near Rajiv Gandhi Signal, Pakkumudianpet, Pondicherry-605008, India.

Financial details: 

This is an ongoing project which we are trying to take to the next level of dental care.  However, I will provide a breakup of costs shortly.  Also a projection of the costs when we start with our next phase.

Project status: 

We run a free rural dental centre, which we attend twice a week the clinic conducts camps once a month in some village.