As we continue to build this site as a comprehensive e-depository resource, we are offering exciting awards to individuals who upload the best projects. 

In july, Dr Masood Shah won the second award for his pioneering Rehabilitation Center, 'Uplift Kashmir', in Kashmir, India. Read about his project here

In May, we were delighted to announce that Dr Bradley Christian had won the first e-depository award of US $500 for his Oral health survey of children in orphanages in Kerala, India. You can read more about his project here

As of July, we will be offering a new award shortly, and encourage you to upload your projects as soon as possible! 

Please note that all awards for the 'best project' are based on the project with the most potential to impact the lives of the most disadvantaged populations.


"Bringing our sons and daughters home" is a campaign that the GCDFund  is committed to helping promote. It is a hearts and minds commitment - hearts in getting dental professions from outside India, and especially those with an Indian heritage, to support and engage with voluntary dental projects in India.

This site highlights the best Indian voluntary dental projects - presently active or those that were undertaken in the past. In addition we invite future projects where individuals are seeking support.

It is the beginning of a wider conversation and engagement of the worldwide Indian Dental Diaspora.

Building relatonships always start when there is a common purpose and for us it is helping provide access and improving oral health of the most disadvantaged in India.